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19min 57sec

Name: Martina
Age: 18
Career arousal: 100% sex

Good morning, dear lady. My supreme skill is to promise you everything and I’m a top modelling agent. You are bound to be rich and famous. I swear! There is one petty condition to it stated in microscopic letters in the footnote of your contract. I need the right sort of motivation. It lies deep in your sweet pussy. Can I have a look? No worries, I’m not going to tell anyone. It will stay our little dirty secret. Are you in?
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18min 17sec

Name: Alexandra
Age: 22
Career arousal: she will suck you off while making you a coffee

Fame and money. Young chicks are drawn to the magical light of catwalks like moths. The eyes of this breath-taking hottie with black hair are sparkling with determination. I bet she would do anything to become a supermodel. I didn’t have to waste my time promising her much. She has been in this business for 5 years and I don’t think this was the first time she exchanged her pussy for a promise of bright future. She threw her legs wide open and I signed our contract with my hot cum. I had an amazing fuck with her!
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18min 31sec

Name: Pavla
Age: 26
Career arousal: fuck’n’go

My modelling business is doing great. Naïve chicks flow in my office 24/7. And I am their man when it comes to promising the moon. This busty secretary is another chick who longs to become a rich supermodel. I don’t remember her name anymore. Might have been Pavla as well. Who cares? What matters is that I had a good fuck! And for free! Check it out!
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18min 49sec

Name: Kristina
Age: 21
Career arousal: mutual cooperation

She wants me to guarantee my words. Do you get it? It’s crystal clear. You want to be a famous super model. You want to travel the world and roll in money. Offer me your pussy and I’ll promise you anything you want. This is all guarantees I can give you. Your pussy for my promises. This is a fair deal. Don’t hold back and open up your amazing long legs! Or fuck off! The line of naïve chick knocking my door is long.
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17min 41sec

Name: Veronika
Age: 23
Career arousal: a heavenly blowjob

I bet I would find a job for this chick! She looks like a goddess! No wonder she’s been working as a model. However, her career needs a push. A powerful and well-aimed nudge to the right spot. The right means is my rock-hard cock and the right spot is your terrific pussy. Aim and come! You’ll sparkle on high-end fashion magazine covers! But take some cum on your ass first! Dudes, this chick was first-class! I love my job.
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17min 47sec

Name: Tereza
Age: 24
Career arousal: sucks like a queen

Are you hungry for another Czech chick who yearns to be a supermodel? I filmed a stunning blonde with my spy glasses. She is a secretary by profession. But she grew bored of making coffee and sucking her boss’s wrinkly cock to get bonus. Speaking of sucking cocks, I must admit she’s brilliant at it. She knows what she wants and she pursues her dreams relentlessly. She will go far with this attitude. A bright spark as she is, she has no clue I was filming her with my hidden cam and spy glasses. Enjoy the show! It felt so nice to spunk on her!
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21min 58sec

Name: Klara
Age: 22
Career arousal: amazing fucking

My modelling agency is gaining in popularity. My address book is packed with names of naïve chicks who long to be supermodels. Klara, a petite brunette, is one of them. She is a looker. She is no chatterbox, but she compensates her lack of communication with non-verbal skills. She knows she has to bring a sacrifice to obtain her goal. And she sacrificed all she had. I promised her the moon in exchange! Making promises costs you nothing. It was definitely worth it. I fucked her brains out. This is what I call a fair deal. It was her choice and she got what she deserved.
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