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Hot stuff! Shocking truth about Czech girls! They would do anything for money and fame! They want to be supermodels. At any price. And the fake agent will promise them the moon. A glittering career in exchange for sex. Czech chicks take the bait. A peephole cam on the ceiling! A spy cam in glasses! Perfectly concealed to film POV scenes! The chicks have no clue. Their dream is to become famous supermodels. And they will give everything to it! Genuine Czech amateurs! This is the real thing!


22min 18sec

I got all sweaty when I saw this chick for the first time! This is a girl to fall in love with! Silvie could become a face of a global ad campaign. She can give hard-on to all guys in the world at the same time. Talking her into fucking was a piece of cake. This babe wants so hard to get to Dubai she would suck off a whole caravan. She offered me the prettiest pussy I’ve ever fucked in my life! I love my job!
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20min 06sec

Name: Vanesa
Age: 20
Career arousal: unlimited access to her pussy

The chick you’re gazing at right now is bound to be a top-class super model. Provided she can find a trustworthy modelling agency and stop swallowing my bullshit sweet talking. Vanesa is the loveliest naïve babe I’ve had here. My cock was rock hard and throbbing already during our interview. This sweet babe serves pizza and she hates it. Does she have a chance to become a model if she opens her legs? She will do it. This chick is pretty strong-willed. Lovely and incredibly wet! Grinding her amazing pussy will give you a thrill!
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21min 29sec

Name: Michaela
Age: ??
Career arousal: take what you want

This is Michaela, a very talented Czech model. This lovely blonde would like to make a career on a catwalk. She is smart enough to know she needs to throw something in to get to the catwalk. I duped her into believing I could help her becoming a supermodel. She gave me a blowjob of the century in exchange. Guys, this chick is incredible! I bent her over a table and rammed her hard! Check her out!
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23min 06sec

Name: Misa
Age: 19
Career arousal: all-inclusive

Misa is risking it all. I promised her to get her a well-paid job in an ad campaign. She had my cock deep in her sweet mouth within seconds! Future of this blond babe is at stake! There is nothing she could lose. She can fuck her way to catwalks, or return humiliated to a car service. I’ll win in any case. I had a fuck for free with a fabulous chick who came on my table! I love my job! I love naïve Czech babes!
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16min 31sec

Name: Sylvie
Age: 20
Career arousal: take what you want

This is not a joke! This stunner came to my mock agency to become a supermodel. I have no clue how comes she hadn’t made a contract with a first-class model agency. She’s simply jaw-dropping! An angelic face, a perfect body and exclusive boobs! A dream came true! You can sign your contract with my rock-hard cock! Take it into your hand! I’ll help you to become the most famous top model! I fucked all dreams out of this princess! Check out this video!
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19min 09sec

Name: Drahomira
Age: 18
Career arousal: deep secrets of a young pussy

First come, first served. I was the first to discover her and have full right to fuck her. Agencies will fight to get this stunner to their team. She is simply gorgeous, exotic and sweetly innocent. The perfect specimen for dipping my cock. Dudes, I her pussy was deliciously juicy and tight! Delightful! The winner takes it all! And it was me!
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18min 14sec

Name: Denisa
Age: 24
Career arousal: sucking, fucking, swallowing

Denisa is the first mother of two I’ve had here. She’s just perfect. She needs money and I need to get a release. Mutual cooperation. Open your legs wide for a promise of a lucrative job in France. This is a fair deal, sweetie. The young mother is open to negotiation and has got a lot to offer. She sucked me completely dry! I love my job!
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